Why use ABD | Apparel by Design for your offshore sourcing when nearly everyone has access to the internet?

To answer this question, you should ask yourself these questions:

1: Do I speak & understand Mandarin or Cantonese ?

2: Do I know and trust the factory & staff I am going to deal with in China ?

3: Am I happy paying 100% up front before seeing my product ?

4: Do I have a very clear & detailed concept of what I want ?

5: Am I familiar with size specs, gradings, fabric composition, fading, colour fastness, shrinkage, label instructions, branding limitations, accessory details, packing instructions, shipping marks & import legislation ?

Basically, if you give a factory a ROUGH idea of what you want, there is a 100% chance, they will give you a ROUGH product to match!


ABD | Apparel by Design act as a sourcing agent for large indent business using our long term, quality suppliers.

We have spent years developing relationships to ensure we deliver what our customers require.  Our Design & Production team speak multiple languages to ensure every small detail is fully understood.

We implement a very detailed production process involving artwork, pantone colours, size specifications, accessory details, fabric construction, fitting samples, branding details, pre production samples, shipping samples & shipping instructions.

You, the customer are kept informed on the important points in this process ( artwork, samples, delivery times) so you are confident you will get what you want & not have any unwanted surprises at the end.

We operate on a sourcing commission based on a deposit being paid on order confirmation ( usually after artwork & first fitting sample) and the balance paid on or after delivery to your destination, depending on the agreed terms in place.

The small component of commission allows you access to our design skills & knowledge plus the quality & service of our fully accredited suppliers.

Our sourcing is not limited to garments & general merchandise but can involve a very wide range of products. So far these have included Furniture, Bar fridges, Bouncy castles, Door mats, Industrial components, car accessories, stationery, merchandise stands, café umbrellas, signage, tableware, Manchester, electronic equipment, trophies, replica models and tools.

If you have a current product you would like sourced or have an idea of what you require to compliment your business, then we are the team to contact.


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